Best Electric Staple Guns Review and Buyer’s Guide

Staple guns are useful tools when you are doing DIY projects around the house or when doing simple household repairs. A number of tasks such as attaching fabric or upholstery to a chair, installing your carpet, attaching Christmas lights, installing insulation sheets and much more require a staple gun. DIY projects such as building drawers and shelves also require a staple gun. There are different models of staple guns, designed for different uses and choosing the right one can be painstaking.

Electric staple guns are preferred by many people; they run on battery power (cordless) or use power from an electrical outlet (corded). With an electrical staple gun, you do not have to use a lot of force pushing the staples manually; all you have to do is pull a trigger, and the job will be done. This makes the gun handy for heavy duty projects as well as for recreational purposes. The gun is easy on your hands and does not leave you with sore arms after a short period of use.

Best Electric Staple Gun of 2018

Below, we have selected the best electric staple guns in the market making it easier for you.

Maestri ME 3G
(Best electric)
6.6 lbs3G, 7C, and 71 series
(3/8" crown, up to 5/8")
corded-electric (110 volts) Check Price
Porter-Cable US58
(Best air-powered)
1.8 lbsSenco Type, 22 gauge.
(3/8" crown from 1/4" to 5/8")
air-powered Check Price
WEN 61720

5.2 lbs18 Gauge - 3/4" to 2"

air-powered Check Price
Surebonder 9600A

3.2 lbsT50 type (1/4" to 9/16")

air-powered Check Price
Hitachi N5024A2

4.7 lbs16 Gauge (1" - 2")

air-powered Check Price
Duo-Fast 1016055
Carpet Pro
7 lbs5418D Staples

corded-electric Check Price
Surebonder 9615A

3 lbs22 gauge (5/16" to 5/8")

air-powered Check Price
Makita XTS01Z

4.8 lbsT50 type ( 1/4" - 7/8")

Lithium ion batteries required Check Price
Stanley TRE550Z

2.4 lbsTRA700 or T-50 heavy
duty staples (1/2", 9/16" and 5/8")
Corded Electric Check Price
Roberts Model
7.3 lbs9/16" 20-Gauge
(3/16" crowns)
Corded Electric(120V) Check Price

Maestri ME 3G – Best Electric Stapler for Home Hardware

The ME 3G is an Italian stapler/nailer designed with a fiberglass reinforced body which is resistant to corrosion and rust. The gun comes with a rear loading mechanism and a built-in pusher. For safety, the gun has a safety device to prevent accidental firing. The high power of this gun gives it high-fastening speed.

It is designed for picture/photo frame construction, furniture repair, window and door beading and almost any home repair task. It shoots 71 series 3/8” crown, 7C and 3G staples 5/8” or shorter. This is a corded stapler that plugs on 110v power. For transportability, it comes with a hard case.
  • Lightweight with a solid construction
  • Easy to use with no staple jams
  • Low recoil
  • You need to watch your hands as the gun is very fast

Porter-Cable US58 – Best Air-Powered Staple Gun for Wide Variety of Staples

The Porter-Cable US58 uses Senco Type 22 Gauge 3.8-inch crown staples between 1/4-inch and 5/8-inch long. It is designed compact and with an ergonomic handle for ease of use. With a 1-inch nose extension, the gun reduces clearance fastening making stapling fast. Steel top cap lengthens the productive life of the gun. There is an exhaust port at the back that removes air and tool oil from the gun away from the user. To reduce staple jams, the drive guide moves back; this allows fast jam clearance when the magazine is open.

The gun can hold up to 185 staples making it useful when you are doing a lot of repairs in the house. It runs on 70-120 psi air pressure making it compatible with a high number of air pressures. The Porter-Cable US58 was created for upholstery work but finds its place in many tasks at home.
  • Compact and easy to use
  • Great price quality ratio
  • Great for heavy-duty projects
  • Relatively high recoil

WEN 61720 Brad Nailer – Best Electric Staple Gun for Wood

The WEN 61720 electric stapler was created to offer swift stapling for almost all home repairs. It shoots between 3/4-inch and 2-inch long brads. It is offered with an aluminum construction which makes it light in weight and makes it durable. This is coupled with an ergonomic rubber grip that makes it easy to use.

It is compatible with many air compressors making it a go-to tool for many homeowners. When connected to 110v power, the gun can produce anywhere between 60 and 100 psi air pressure.

Its magazine carries up to 100 brads and comes with a quick release design that makes jam clearance swift. You can thus use the gun when you have a lot of repairs to do in the house. On purchase, the package comes with oil, a hard carrying case and adjustment wrenches. This 18-gauge stapler is great if you are looking for a stapler that jams less and gets the job done.

  • Highly durable
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to use
  • Loading and unloading nails is confusing for first-time users
  • Nails need to be reset occasionally

Surebonder 9600A – Best Pneumatic Electric Staple Gun

You will find a high number of applications with this gun. It comes with a safety mechanism to safeguard you from stapling yourself during use. This is coupled with an ergonomic grip and an adjustable air exhaust that faces away from the user making it easy and safe to use. Its quick release mechanism makes staple loading and staple jam clearance fast. The gun shoots narrow 18-gauge staples between 1/4 and 9/16 inches in length. It can produce between 60 and 100 psi air pressure.

The 9600A comes handy for heavy duty tasks and can be used in and outside the house.

However, the air compressor needed for staple gun is not included in the package. The package comes with tool oil, allan wrench and carrying case. It is recommended for those who need to carry out heavy duty tasks around the house.

  • Offers fast release and carries about 100 staples in its magazine
  • Drop-in staple loading is fast and safe
  • Versatile
  • Plastic handle not durable
  • Carrying case small and cannot hold boxes of staples

Hitachi N5024A2 – Best Lightest Electric Stapler

You can use the Hitachi N5024A2 for a high number of house repair tasks including wire lathing and insulation sheathing. It shoots 16-gauge staples between 1 and 2 inches in length. Offered with Hitachi Next Generation design, the staple gun is compact enough for prolonged periods of use and ergonomic for ease of use.

The cylinder valve firing system is made of highly durable aluminum die casting and is capable of shooting up to 3 staples per second making it suitable for heavy duty tasks.

This electric staple gun comes with a comfortable rubber grip, a quick release magazine mechanism that makes loading and offloading of staples fast and a tool-less depth drive. The gun weighs 4.7 pounds, has a quick clear nose and holds up to 157 staples in one loading. Its frame is made of stainless steel and plastic. Better yet, it comes with a 5 year warranty.

  • Lightweight, compact and ergonomically designed
  • Great price for its quality
  • Easy to use
  • Plastic construction flimsy

Duo-Fast 1016055 Carpet Pro – Best Electric Stapler Gun  for Carpet Installation

If you are planning to do a lot of stapling in the house, you might want to consider this staple gun thanks to its lightweight and the fact that it shoots 20-gauge staplers.

Though this is not meant for amateurs, you can buy this professional stapler if you need to use it more than once. It shoots 5418, 5416 and 5412 staples between 3/8 inches and 9/16 inches long.

The stapler easily plugs into 110v electric outlets, and unlike pneumatic staple guns, it does not need an air compressor.

It is commonly used by professional carpet installers thanks to its long nose, its dirt and lint resistant magazine and its non-adherence nickel plated body. It weighs 7 pounds and is taller than other staple guns in the market. With its wide and ergonomic grip, the staple gun can not only accommodate all sizes of hands but is also easy to use.

It is recommended for heavy duty tasks at home.

  • Great size performance balance
  • Long nose for high number of applications
  • Ergonomic grip provides ease of use
  • Relatively high recoil

Surebonder 9615A – Best Electric Staple Gun For Upholstery

Surebonder 9615A is a pneumatic fine wire stapler created for upholstery, insulation, house wrap and automotive vinyl installation. The gun fires 22-gauge 3/8-inch 300 series staples between 5/16 and 5/8 inches long. It operates between 60 and 100 psi air pressure, and its magazine can hold up to 100 fine wire staples. With its quick release magazine mechanism, you will find it easy to load staples and staple jams will be infrequent. The staple gun has a safety latch that ensures the trigger only engages when the latch clicks into the safety position.

The package comes with a blow-molded carrying case. This staple gun is recommended for you if you want an easy to use a gun that will get medium level tasks done.
  • Powerful enough for medium-duty tasks
  • Ergonomic construction makes it comfortable to use
  • Durable build
  • No sight glass to see number of staples remaining
  • First-time users may find it challenging to get staple size right

Makita XTS01Z LXT Crown Stapler – Best Cordless Electric Staple Gun

The Makita XTS01Z is a battery operated staple gun that runs on 18V Li-ion battery. It is a tool designed for a wide range of application. The staple gun drives 3.8-inch crown staples between 1/4 inches and 7/8 inches. Even better, it can fire T50 staples offering more versatility. It is equipped with a knob to regulate depth. The magazine of this staple gun is rugged and machined, and it sports an easy release mechanism ensuring fast loading and feeding of staples. Plus, you can see the staples remaining through a glass window.

 The package does not include battery. You should buy it separately.

Makita XTS01Z weighs 5.7 pounds. The light weight of the gun, coupled with its ergonomic shape and soft grip makes the gun comfortable to use. This gun is recommended for residential construction, woodworking, remodeling and cabinetry among other house tasks.

  • Low recoil and low noise
  • Fast firing speed; up to three staples per minute
  • Long battery life
  • Battery sold separately
  • Short nose; not good for corners

Stanley TRE550Z Brad Nail – Best Heavy Duty Electric Stapler

If you need a heavy-duty electric staple gun, this may be a good fit thanks to its high drive power. It has an anti-jam mechanism that makes it fast for you to load staples and reduces staple jamming. A nose safety feature makes the tool safe for use while its 8-foot power cord ensures you can move a long distance while using the tool.

The gun uses Arrow T-50 or Stanley TRA700 Series heavy-duty staples. It can also use 5/8-inch, 9/16-inch and 1/2-inch brads.

The gun is designed with a stellar dual-power lever (Hi/Lo) which makes it ideal to use on soft and hard materials. You can choose this staple if you need a high power tool for heavy duty stapling. It is also ideal for light tasks in the house.

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Compact design with an easy grip for comfort during use
  • Flimsy construction for a heavy-duty staple gun
  • Depth control feature not effective

Roberts Model 10-600 – Best Electric Staple Gun for Tight Places

This staple gun sports a simple and compact design with a relatively long nose and small head to enhance stapling in tight places and corners. It fires 20-gauge 3/16-inch crown staples. The gun easily plugs into any 120v power outlet; when powered, its 15-amp drive solenoid produces high drive power for a wide range of applications.The stapler’s magazine can hold up to 85 staples; this is a relatively lower carrying capacity.

With its bottom loading and quick release magazine, the gun not only loads fast but also reduces staple jam.

It has a 6.75-inch head which allows it to reach tight places. The package includes a plastic-molded carrying case big enough to fit extra staple boxes. It uses Duo-Fast #5418-D staples.

The Roberts Model 10-600 is recommended for professional carpet installers and homeowners in need of medium-duty electric staple gun.

  • Ideal for thick folds of fabric
  • Powerful drive and great on corners and tight spaces
  • Rapid succession firing
  • Staples challenging to remove after a jam
  • Recommended staples are hard to find in local stores

Buyer’s Guide. What Factors Make a Good Staple Gun?

The first feature that you need to consider when shopping for a staple gun is its ease of use. Basically, this will be determined by the gun’s balance; if the gun happens to have one side which is heavier than the other, then your forearms will be fatigued after a short period of use. This will eventually result in difficulties during use. Here, you need to consider the cord length (for corded electric guns), weight and trigger pressure in addition to the gun’s balance.

If you do a lot of stapling in your house and within your compound, you need an electric staple gun that produces enough drive power to fit in a wide range of applications. You should be able to carry your staple gun anywhere within your property; for roofing, fencing, decking, soffits and a host of interior applications.

An electric staple gun needs to be versatile enough to accommodate brad nails in addition to regular staples. Most electric guns use only standard staples, but a few high-end models use brad nails. You need to consider safety features the staple gun is equipped with. Just like a defense gun, without safety features, the trigger can fire itself causing harm to the user. Staple guns are fitted with safety switches or latches; you can only fire when the trigger/latch is in safety mode. This reduces misfirings that can cause harm.

Why Electric Staple Guns?

Electric staple guns are easy to use compared to manual staple guns. These guns drive with power making them ideal for heavy-duty use, and unlike manual guns, most electric staple gun models can use staples or nails. They are great for heavy duty tasks (thanks to their power), and they can drive up to three staples in a second making them fast. Electric staple guns will give you uniformity as the staple driving force is the same. They are easy to load.

Seeing that staple guns are designed for heavy-duty tasks, using them on light duty tasks will also give you sterling results. Even with the great electric staple gun features, it is imperative to understand that their prices are steeper than manual or pneumatic staple guns, one misfire can bring more harm than a manual gun, and they use electricity (which means relatively higher operational cost).

Choosing Criteria for Electric Staple Guns

Now that you have decided to acquire an electric staple gun, there are a few considerations to make when discerning the best gun from the rest. After considering the gun’s balance and ease of use, consider;

Staple Sizes

You need to choose staple sizes based on your staple gun’s intended use. A multipurpose staple gun should fire 3/8-inch staples. However, to be on the safe side, select a staple gun that can fire a wide range of staples and even brad nails in addition. This will enable you to carry out a number of tasks in the house as well as outside the house. You also need to consider the convenience of staples; while you can buy staples online, it is better when staples are available locally in case you need staples for urgent stapling.

Your Budget

Staple guns can cost as much as $350 depending on their make and model. When you shop online, you have an advantage as most tools can cost as less as 60 percent their retail MSRP prices. To this end, you can buy a high-quality staple gun for $150. When considering the price of a staple gun, compare its quality with its price and that of competitors.

Some staple guns are sold with accessories such as carrying case, battery (for cordless guns) and wrenches among others while for some, you have to buy accessories separately making the staple gun even pricier.

Corded or Cordless

Corded electric staple guns are plugged into power outlets (either 110v or 120v) while cordless guns run on Li-ion battery power. Each of these has advantages and disadvantages. With a corded staple gun, you are assured of consistent power supply for prolonged stapling. These types plug easily into the standard outlets, and unlike the cordless counterparts, they can fire multiple nails, brads or staples.

For a corded gun, you will need a commercial grade extension cord to shun amperage drops that can destroy your tool. Again, their high power increases the risk of injury, especially to first time users. Usage may be limited when the cord is short and you need to do stapling outdoors. The cord may also get entangled into objects causing harm or limiting use.

Cordless electric staple guns, on the other hand, are lightweight and can be carried to any corner of your compound. Even with the battery, these staple guns are well balanced making them easy to use and comfortable on your hands. Most batteries give enough power to last through a day’s work without the need for a recharge. However, unlike the corded staple guns, cordless guns produce less driving power. Again, you will eventually charge them which means you may either have to stop working or buy extra battery packs. When buying a cordless electric staple gun, consider the battery run-time and charge-time.

Your needs will determine which electric staple gun fits you. For heavy tasks around your house, choose a corded model and for light tasks, choose a cordless model. If you need to carry the staple gun around, a cordless model will come handy. Nevertheless, you can install outdoor/garden sockets for use with corded staple guns.

Electric Staple Guns Firing Methods

You may choose staple guns based on their firing methods especially when considering a gun that fires brad nails. The methods that a staple gun applies will depend on its trigger and its safety latch/tip.
Contact/Bump firing lets you fire staples or nails rapidly in succession as long as you are holding the trigger. It is good when you have a lot of stapling to do but can be challenging to control.

Single-sequential firing prevents successive staple shooting and instead lets you shoot one staple at a time. The safety tip and the trigger must be operated in sequence. This kind of firing is controllable.

Full-sequential firing requires sequential activation. You first activate the safety tip, then activate the trigger to make the first staple shot. To fire the next shot, you release the safety tip and the trigger and then activate them in sequence. This firing method may be slow but ensures you do not fire a staple unintentionally.

Safety when using Electric Staple Guns

Electric staple guns, just like defense guns, should be handled with care lest you drive staples through your skin. First off, wear safety glasses and other protective gear as recommended in the user manual. When working, secure workpieces with clamps and keep your body parts away from the firing area. When performing maintenance on the tool, disconnect it from the power source or from air compressors. Before use, inspect the staple gun and replace broken parts. The good old advice applies here too; keep away from children.


Electric staple manufacturers aim at achieving versatility, high-power, compactness, ergonomic build, high performance, and safety. In the near future, we can expect single unit electric staple guns that can do all tasks – light, medium and heavy-duty – with great efficiency. You can choose the best gun from the ones listed above based on your needs, your budgets and ease of use; the gun you choose should feel comfortable on your hands and meet all your stapling needs.

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